Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Nordstrom unveils Hawaii restaurant plans

Rendering courtesy Nordstrom


During a media lunch that took place today at MW Restaurant, Nordstrom announced it will open with two new dining concepts when it opens the doors to its new Ala Moana Center Ewa Wing store on March 11.

When I heard about the site of the luncheon—you know a journalist’s mind is always roiling and trying to connect dots—I thought it was likely that the MW crew would be involved in some way. But no, it’s just that Cafe Nordstrom is too busy to accommodate an extra party of 30.

The new Ruscello Restaurant will mark an evolution of the Cafe Nordstrom concept with casual favorites and a menu of Italian- and Mediterranean-inspired specialties. And we warned them not to ever remove the tomato bisque from the menu.

Also new will be a stylish new Habitant Lounge and Bar offering casual lunches and a full bar with handcrafted cocktails.

The quick-stop Ebar and Gelato Bar will make the move to the new site as well.

Can’t wait for a taste!

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Now, be alert and don’t get confused, but the following is what was served up at MW while we listened to this exciting food news:

Nadine Kam photosMW’s arancini arrived as one of the family-style appetizers offered.

With a short list of selections to order from, including grilled kalbi shortribs, I opted for a dish of Kauai shrimp and bacon risotto with Waialua asparagus and kale.

Rick Blangiardi, general manager at Hawaii News Now, had to leave before entrées arrived, but his grass-fed beef burger with pipikaula and avocado salsa topping did not go to waste, scarfed down by the women of Oahu Publications. Thanks Rick! The burger was so juicy. Don’t ask me why there’s no bun. Maybe Rick is gluten-free? Maybe they were all bunless. We were too busy devouring fries to notice.

The meal was to end with Hawaiian Crown chocolate banana cream pie with strata of Graham crackers, chocolate pudding, kinako-banana ice cream and salted butterscotch shortbread. But MW's Michelle Karr-Ueoka can never put out one dessert ...

… so diners could also opt for a lilikoi and fruit-filled crème brûlée. Many sampled both desserts.

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