Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Make No. 9 your No. 1 stop in Millerton

Nadine Kam photos
No. 9 restaurant is located in the back of the B&B Simmons' Way Village Inn.

It's very quiet in the Berkshires, which drives me crazy. I need a certain amount of noise because countryside and nature scare me. They always make me think of serial killers lurking in the woods and every news story about strangers rolling into town and killing families in their homes.

Here in the solitude of the northeast countryside, I can understand where Stephen King gets the inspiration for his horror stories. Yet, many people who long for peace and quiet are willing to spend millions of $$$ to live here and drive hundreds of miles from New York to vacation here in the land of gentleman farms and movie star/artist/interior designer hideaways.

Of course, with the thriving farm-fresh market, the food is incredible everywhere I go.

One of the places I missed last summer when I was here was the highly rated No. 9 restaurant in the back of Simmons' Way Village Inn, a nine-guestroom bed & breakfast in the heart of Millerton, New York.

Sebastian, with innkeeper Martha Reynolds.

The inn is run by Jay and Martha Reynolds, who were just hanging out on the porch after we had dinner there, and coincidentally are heading for a monthlong stay in Hawaii in fall.

The inn is named after Edward W. Simmons, a businessman, educator, statesman and lawyer who built the original manse in 1854. The modest home was transformed into an elegant Victorian residence in 1892 by Edward H. Thompson, who was president of Millerton National Bank.

From 1903 to 1983, the house served as doctors' offices and residences. It was transformed into an inn by Carol and Robert Sadlon in 1984, and the Reynolds purchased the estate in 2003. Learn more at www.simmonsway.com.

The restaurant is run as a separate venture by chef Tim Cocheo and his wife Taryn, with a farm-to-table philosophy. Here's a look at what was on the table:

Crispy black sea bass that was among dishes enjoyed at No. 9.

Fresh pea soup with mint and ricotta, and white truffle soup with Parmesan crisps and mushrooms.

Quark spätzle with wild mushrooms, black truffle, asparagus and tomatoes.

22-ounce bone-in ribeye with wild mushrooms and onion crisps. OK, this one was overly salty.

Torch for outdoor dining at No. 9 restaurant.

Entry to No. 9.

Classic Chevy belonging to a friend of the chef.

On the porch, Martha and Jay Reynolds.

Inside the main entry of Simmons' Way Village Inn, above and below.

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