Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Night's celebratory meal

Nadine Kam photos

A white chocolate box of candied popcorn and petits fours was a postprandial treat at HIFF's Oscar Night America viewing party at Halekulani.

It's not every day you see grits on the menu at Halekulani, but for one night, Feb. 27, it was all about Oscar and executive chef Vikram Garg presented an Academy Awards-themed dinner to coincide with the hotel's hosting of the Hawaii International Film Festival's annual Oscar Night America 2011 viewing party.

After the red carpet walk, guests settled in for dinner and a 5 p.m. viewing of the Oscar ceremonies that others would be watching on their television sets at 7 p.m. The way the room and screens are set up help give the effect that you are there in the room with the nominees and winners.

I was downstairs taking photos, so missed "The Social Network" of canapes, but here are the rest of the dishes in the order presented:

"Inception" salad of Manoa salad with discs of hearts of palm and cured Saikou salmon, topped with a crunchy carambola star.
Creamy blue "True Grits" were topped with two jumbo shrimp, Iberico bellota and baby arugula.

Orange Fanta granité was the intermezzo.
"Beef Oscar" comprised a natural beef filet, topped with two large pieces of Alaskan king crab, with asparagus and mashed potatoes with BĂ©arnaise.
A "Blue Valentine" dessert comprised a chocolate and champagne bombe, with blueberry and rose confit.

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