Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First course: Nagomi Teppan & Lounge

Nadine Kam photos
Chef Victor Jian prepares at dish of  Nagomi special soba, below, at the newly open Nagomi Teppan & Lounge.

The teppan restaurant is open; the bar and lounge is a work in progress, so I'm waiting to go back when I can see the complete package. In the meantime, you can check out Nagomi Teppan & Lounge.

Okonomiyaki and negiyaki are specialties here, but on a first look, I liked many of their appetizers and side dishes more, and the simplicity of teppan-grilled seafood. The menu is full of options for those who crave variety and izakaya-portioned grazing.

Note: Prices subject to change.
The restaurant is at 1687 Kapiolani Boulevard, across from 24 Hour Fitness. Parking in back of the restaurant. Call 312-3534.

Nagomi special soba, $16.50, with calamari, shrimp, jumbo scallops, tiger prawns, thin-sliced pork, cabbage and onions.

 Garlic jumbo scallops, with crispy garlic bits on top. Yum!

Gyoza Nakami with pork belly, crab meat, chives, cabbage and long beans, $12.

Pork wrap filled with shiso and kaiware sprouts, $12. I prefer bacon, below. But, it you want to get some veggies for balance, this would be the more healthful selection.

Bacon-wrapped mochi, worth getting, $8.50.

Beef tongue. Big pieces. Chewy; $9.

Two Tristan lobster tails, $42. The meat is so sweet and delicious. Definitely an "ahhh" and "omg!" moment.

The okonomiyaki is sized for two people having other side dishes.

Wagyu negiyaki was a hit, $11.

Dessert of fried mochi was fantastic, served with green tea ice cream with more sugar than matcha.

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