Monday, July 8, 2013

Your daily bread at Brug

Nadine Kam photos
Can't go wrong with bacon and cheese bread.

St. Germain is no more at Shirokiya Ala Moana. In its place is Brug, a Hokkaido institution for 35 years, known for its low-calorie, preservative-free breads, inspired by German baking techniques.

A grand opening for the new shop-within-a-shop took place July 3, with samples of 40 different kinds of bread set up. Brug actually has about 100 different styles of bread and pastry in its repertoire, ranging from distinctly Japanese, like the large and mini adzuki-filled anpans, to French- and Italian-American-style offerings, like the pizza-style offerings.

Customers lined up to fill their trays with varied mixes of croissants, cinnamon cake, apple danishes and specialty dry kase, with its light cream cheese center.

The carbs all wreaked havoc with my diet for the day, now that I'm keeping tabs via the My Fitness Pal app.

Customers lined up to take their pick of about 100 different kinds of breads and pastries.

Croissants are a staple at Brug.

Bags of rye flour front an informational display featuring Brug founder Takemura Katsuhide.

Samples of 40 different kinds of bread were set up for sampling.

Pear danishes awaiting selection by customers lined up in the background.

More selections to choose from.

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