Wednesday, January 28, 2015

MW cafe series hones in on Hawaii chocolate

Nadine Kam photos
The Evolution of Chocolate dessert highlighted flavors from several aspects of chocolate production, including a tart and fruity sorbet with essence derived from the pulp of the cacao pod.

Wade Ueoka and Michelle Karr-Ueoka continue to be the hardest working couple in the biz. If it seems like I’m always at their MW Restaurant, it’s because they are so creative in coming up with new ideas, and tireless in their execution.

On the heels of their Secret Menu dinner I documented yesterday, was their Chocolate Cafe, the inaugural event for a series that will highlightvarious island ingredients throughout the year; in this case, chocolate from around the islands.

The event took place in MW’s new private dining room, with patrons lining up to indulge in all manner of savory and sweet treats priced from $3 to $18. Orders were taken at the door, and chocolate lovers could opt to eat in or take out, though trying to find a table was a squeeze in the 40-capacity room.

Dishes proved to be irresistible, but after trying to share a hot chocolate, it was so good I wanted my own, and oh boy was that filling! I think all of us were willing to risk a tummy ache later for ambrosia NOW!

Plans are to host a themed event once a month, the next one highlighting products from Naked Cow Dairy, pitting cow vs. goat milk. I have a feeling I would be drawn to the goat team, but with the goods in their capable hands, I may be surprised.

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Michelle Karr-Ueoka, friend of cacao.

Savory items on the menu included a beautiful grilled chicken mole, and below, pork chili.

Chocolate bruschetta.

Treats packaged to go.

All items made the long journey from pod to finished form. Among speakers that day was Madre Chocolate's Nat Bletter, who talked of his first time making chocolate in his New York apartment. He now offers a $24.80 .bean-to-bar kit to help guide others in the process.

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