Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A taste of spring at Bernini

Nadine Kam photos
Linguine with mussels, clams and rapini in lemon cream sauce, $28. The light lemon cream sauce was a hit at a recent tasting.

Bernini has a new addition to its menu. Chef Kengo Matsumoto’s menu primavera celebrates the best of seasonal ingredients, with a full range of appetizers, salad, entre├ęs, pizza and desserts.

Diners can opt to pair a few of the new a la carte items with favorite dishes off the regular menu, or go all in to sample the new menu in entirety.

If you’re curious at all, better get there fast because a new summer seasonal menu arrives in June.

 Marinated Kona abalone with sugar snap peas and black olives, $24.

Blanched catch of the day carpaccio with watercress and sherry vinegar sauce. In this case, the catch was uhu, $19.

Risotto Parmigiano with Parma prosciutto and hearts of palm, $26.

Bismarck bianco pizza with housemade pancetta, white asparagus and soft-boiled egg, $22.

The Bismarck bianco after the egg is broken. Click here for a quick video.

Colorado lamb with fresh artichokes and artichoke sauce, $46.

Rhubarb tart with rhubarb compote, $12.

Citrus terrine with mascarpone and Hawaiian honey cream, $10. Very refreshing.

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