Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nuuanu's small but feisty Farmer's Market

Nadine Kam photos
Greens from The Hawaiian Chef at the Nuuanu Farmer's Market that takes place every Tuesday evening at the Honolulu Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

When I moved to the Liliha-Nuuanu area, I liked the fact that it's a quiet, old community, but I'm afraid I got spoiled living in Kailua, where there was a variety of good, contemporary restaurants within a mile radius from my house.

Where I live now, there's only a few old-school, fast-food restaurants, which at times just makes me want to pick up and move to Kaimuki.

But at least now there's one sign of new life, with market manager Carol Rose hopping on the Farmers Market bandwagon with a Tuesday Farmer's Market that takes place 4:30 to 7 p.m. at the Honolulu Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 2313 Nuuanu St.

It's very small, with only about nine vendors right now, but even so, you can still go home with a plate lunch from Kibu Cafe, Gourmet Island Bread or Ebisu Catering, flowers from Nuuanu Orchid, crepes from Pt. Suisse Crepe, malassadas from The Bread of Life, and all the vegetables you can cook.

From left, Yuko, Debra and Sandra Makishi, formerly of Ebisu Catering on King Street, who call their new stripped-down endeavor Ebisu-ish, because it's like Ebisu, but not as big.

Carol Rose is the market manager for the Farmer's Market.

Sample Kona Gold Delight's coconut peanut butter before you buy.

Plate lunches available at Gourmet Island Bread last week were BBQ chicken, penne with basil and tomato, and boneless kalbi.

More produce from The Hawaiian Chef. Those tomatoes had one thing most supermarket tomatoes don't have: flavor.

Malassadas from The Bread of Life.

Drive up any way you can.

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