Friday, August 12, 2011

Man vs. sub at Storto's

Storto’s Deli will be hosting a "Man vs. 6 Pounds of Sub" contest from 12:45 p.m. Aug. 13, in which Ben Akiu will attempt to consume three full-size Storto's subs (approximately 15 inches each) in 15 minutes.

Each two-pound sub contains three kinds of deli meat; lettuce; tomatoes; onions; bell peppers; sprouts; mayo; mustard; Italian, French, Thousand Island, papaya seed or honey mustard dressing.

Others have tried and failed. If he succeeds, he'll win $250, plus a 10-inch Tablet PC and an Official Pro Bowl Game Jersey.

If he loses, at least he earned a free meal.

If you want to cheer him on, Storto’s is at 3184 Waialae Ave.


Followup Aug. 16, 2011: Ben didn't win, leaving one whole sub to tackle. Here's the before and aftermath:

Storto's photos

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